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TheBluesPTC is a ADS ONLY manual traffic exchange.

1. TheBluesPTC User Accounts
      1.1 You may only posses one account with your IP address. Attempting to create multiple accounts will result in a ban.

      1.2 You are responsible to securing your password. Your password is stored in our database and encrypted. If your account is found to be hacked, we are not held responsible. You may request your password via email if you lost it.

      1.3 You may only use one IP to view the available ads within a 24 hour period. Any attempt to view ads in different IPs will result in a ban.

      1.4 Your email will not be given out to third parties.

      1.5 TheBluesPTC accounts are non-transferable.

      1.6 TheBluesPTC staff members will not change user information upon request of the user. You must do so in your account preferences.

2. Referrals
      2.1 You may have all the referrals in the world if you have the power to do so.

      2.2 Each and every one of your referrals must have a unique Alertpay email address. If two of the same Alertpay email addresses are found, both accounts will be banned.

      2.3 You must not gain referrals by using false information or spam. Doing so will result in a ban.

      2.4 There is currently no return policy for inactive referrals.

      2.5 A referral will not be able to see nor change who has referred them.

3. Cheating Policy
      3.1 If you attempt to hack our system in any way, we will know about it and track it down.

      3.2 We log the user who has hacked, or attempted to hack, our system and make note of it when the user requests payout.

      3.3 We will not email you once we have banned your account. If you email us asking us why we banned you, we will give you an explanation.

      3.4 If you have failed the cheat check in an excess of 5 times, your account will be suspended.

4. TheBluesPTC Payments
      4.1 TheBluesPTC is an ads only manual traffic exchange. There are not casho payments.

5. TheBluesPTC Advertisements
      5.1 We accept all types of advertisements except websites that contain any malicious material, frame breakers, , adult material, or redirections.

      5.2 Affiliates are only allowed to click an advertisements once every 24 hours.

6. Payments to TheBluesPTC
      6.1 You must only use the links on the website referring to TheBluesPTC to purchase something from us. We do not accept donations.

      6.2 All payments are non-refundable.

      6.3 Payments made to TheBluesPTC are also confirmed through your Alertpay email.

      6.4 Every user is binded to a Alertpay address. If a payment were to be made with a separate Alertpay address, the goods will be sent to the user who owns that Alertpay address. If this Alertpay address is not present in our records, the payment will not be referenced.

7. Banning Accounts
      7.1 We have the right to ban your account for any of the reasons stated above without notice or warning.

      7.2 All banned accounts will be confiscated and set back to a 0 balance with 0 referrals.

      7.3 Once your account is banned, you may not re-register with the same account name.

      7.4 All inactive accounts will be deleted once inactive for 30 days.

8. Liability
      8.1 We own the right to alter this Terms of Service at any time and also hold the right to cancel our services at any time.

      8.2 We will not be held responsible for any user or advertiser. You are all responsible for yourselves.